Race to PM- Modi VS Rahul but now ‘Kejriwal’s thunder’ can’t be shun

Posted by ipwg on 03/02/14
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  Social Media and TV channels have truly changed the entire political landscape of Indian Politics in recent days. It is now palpable truth to observe that no one can survive arrogantly if his/her legitimacy and efficiency degrade against public will.  Latest Delhi Election could be the best example which has put on the limelight, those [...]

South China Sea

Posted by ipwg on 03/02/14
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The complex web of disputes concerning South China Sea may on the surface appear as regular disputes concerning territory and resources (which isn’t uncommon) but underneath it is underlined by the broader strategic tussles between two muscular rivals of international politics. While Taiwan, Philippines Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia have their own issues with each other, their [...]

Whom the law protects

Posted by ipwg on 12/09/13
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Written by Ivan Bielik (member of IPWG) Last days have brought into the light interesting issue of the fundamental clash between national security and civil liberty. One needs to examine the role of law in the society in deciding about this issue, because the law system creates a backbone of society we live in and [...]

Behind our reality

Posted by ipwg on 12/09/13
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Written by Sabiha Kapetanovic (member of IPWG) Observing nature, everything in it is trying to achieve harmony. Because harmony is guide for perfection. Achieve perfect balanse, find perfect truth, found perfect society with perfect people. And everything that is contrary from it should disappear. It is reminding me a little bit on Democracy Peace Theory, [...]

Boulevard to Geneva 2

Posted by ipwg on 16/08/13
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Written by Saurav Raj Pant (member of IPWG) The utmost anticipated high level diplomatic talks in Geneva whose foremost objective is to end war in Syria have to deal with several incongruities. The Russian and the US officials deviate on the structure of the proposed conference basically on who will be going to represent the [...]

This summer is for Snowden. Is he Rogue or Robin Hood ?

Posted by ipwg on 21/07/13

Written by Saurav Raj Pant These summer days are really becoming ‘Snowden Days’. Is Snowden’s affair overshadowing the Syrian bloodshed or other global breaking? I may sound too irrational to cite this comparison. But, the matters on eavesdropping their citizen’s phone and emails irritated the credibility of the country where lovely democratic values are observed. [...]

Searching for a New World Order – Prospect, Significance & Criticism

Posted by ipwg on 06/06/13

Written by Saurav Raj Pant (member of IPWG) The BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), originally BRIC before the addition of South Africa in 2010, named as the “Emerging National Economies “have become a noticeable club in the Global Platform. According  to the Christian Science Monitor, US based International News Organization, as [...]

Breaking-Up with Brussels,is she really going to?

Posted by ipwg on 19/05/13
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Written by Saurav Raj Pant (member of IPWG). David Cameron’s announcement of holding a referendum by 2017 for deciding whether to stay in or move out of the EU if he wins the next term truly created a buzz around the entire Trans-Atlantic political spheres. This possibly game-changing proposal has drawn mixed reactions from both [...]

Syrian uprising – searching for ‘inside-outside’ playmakers

Posted by ipwg on 05/05/13
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Written by Saurav Raj Pant (Member of IPWG) Not for sure, but the latest indication shows the Syrian Civil war which broke out as part of Arab Spring in March 15th, 2011 entered to the new zone of line which could seriously vitiate the current turmoil of Syria. More visibly, White House disclosed statement if [...]

Croatia’s Path to European Union – The Benchmarks

Posted by ipwg on 05/05/13
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Written by Lana Tomic (member of IPWG) Due to bad experiences related to former enlargements, stricter criteria were set for Croatia. In the past, several candidate countries turned out to be unprepared at the moment of accession, which later caused serious problems not only for those countries, but to European Union as a whole. These [...]

Quo Vadis, EU?

Posted by ipwg on 27/04/13

What you are about to read is an essay made upon daily news and some documentation (mainly concerning our food production which will be taken as example). It contains neither a complete set of information nor an objective statement. Other opinions are thus highly welcome for more information and perception diversity – and for implementing [...]

Why state still matters?

Posted by ipwg on 05/03/13
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The post was written by Ivan Bielik (email  ivan.bielik at windowslive.com) In recent times we are witnessing diminishing role of state in the society. There can be various reasons for this process. Globalizing economic relations that surpass national borders, emergence of supranational organizations or international justice all mean that state slowly loses its competencies. But [...]

The Nobel Peace Prize 2012

Posted by ipwg on 26/02/13

The last days were a little strange. Issues at work, AEGEE, and exams.. But within AEGEE “work”, I had to search and find a theme for the article on blog. First time I am writing and I have no idea how to start on, nor I found something to write and above all, would the [...]

Still Immature Country

Posted by ipwg on 10/02/13
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The post was written by Ivan Bielik (email contact  ivan.bielik at windowslive.com). This opinion had been written in the aftermath of Czech second round of presidential election which was held on 25th and 26th of January. There were two principal candidates for Czech presidential office – Miloš Zeman who was an influential politician in the [...]

No Critique Please!

Posted by ipwg on 03/02/13
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  This post was written by Ivan Bielik (email contact  ivan.bielik at windowslive.com).   At the end of 2012, American Simon Wiesenthal Center announced the list of 2012 Top Ten Anti-Semitic/Anti-Israel Slurs. Besides Iranian regime or Greece’s Golden Dawn there is a name of one German journalist named Jakob Augstein. He might have deserved the place [...]

UNinvolved in PEACE: Living Reality

By Armenak Minasyants (President of AEGEE-Yerevan, Speaker of International Politics WG of AEGEE-Europe) “If blue helmeted UN peacekeepers show up in your town or village and offer to protect you, RUN.” Andrew Thomson, Emergency Sex Few days ago in the evening I was making my usual staff in internet: surfing, surfing and again surfing at [...]

Italy: A New Commitment to Growth

BY ARMENUHI BUDAGHYAN (HEAD OF EXTERNAL RELATIONS COMMITTEE OF AEGEE-YEREVAN, MBA DEPARTMENT STUDENT AT AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF ARMENIA) The Maastricht Treaty which is known as the Treaty on European Union was signed on 7 February 1992 by the 12 member countries of the European Community in Maastricht, Netherlands. It led mainly to the creation of euro and established [...]

AEGEE Eastern Partnership Project – More East for Europe?

BY ARMENAK MINASYANTS (SPEAKER OF  INTERNATIONAL POLITICS WG, AEGEE-YEREVAN) I am sure that many of us follow the updates coming from different AEGEEans living and working for the further development of our beloved network. This time I have decided to turn to AEGEE Eastern Partnership Project (hereinafter just EaP Project), which is one of the [...]

How would you Put-in it today?

Posted by ipwg on 04/05/12

Dear IPies, The topic was inspired by the elections in Russia and more specifically by President Putin’s election campaign. For those who didn’t come across one of them, they are centered on women and their beauty. Of course sex sells and we’ve known that for years! There is actually a very successful business which was [...]

Political marketing in the US – Workshop at Social Sciences Days 2012 by IPWG

Posted by ipwg on 28/04/12

Just before the end of the Republican Party presidential primaries campaign the local members of the International Politics Working Group organised a workshop and series of lectures on political marketing in the United States and about the tools of the different candidates. The event was organised in the framework of the Social Sciences Day of [...]

Hactivism. A new form of activism?

  Name: Christopher Doyon, Anonymous hactivist “Commander X” Place: Canada, ANONYMOUS’ hideout. Nationality: American. Age:47 FBI fugitive. On how they work: Today for example, at 11:00 we will do a campaign. Everybody come over to IRC. When they log in, they will see what the target of the day is, what time to fire, what [...]

World Without Racism: Theory and Reality

Posted by ipwg on 22/02/12
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Written by Armenak Minasyants (Speaker of International Politics WG, President of AEGEE-Yerevan) “Racism is man’s gravest threat to man – the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason.” Abraham J. Heschel quotes (Jewish theologian and philosopher, 1907-1972) For a long time before starting this article I was thinking how to begin it and at [...]

IPWG workshop @Local Training Course Debrecen

Posted by ipwg on 11/02/12

written by Tamás Keller, Secretary of  theInternational Politics Working Group   On the last weekend of January 2012 AEGEE- Debrecen organized a Local Training Course, where next to trainings, workshops about functional areas IPWG also played an important role. As this was my first trip as Secretary of the International Politics Working Group it was [...]


Posted by ipwg on 29/12/11

BY ARMENAK MINASYANTS (SECRETARY OF THE IPWG, PRESIDENT OF AEGEE-YEREVAN) At last 2011 is coming to its logical end; it is already 29th of December…really a very interesting, unique and super full year. Too many things have happened, too many things have been changed, too many people have suffered from many things and too many [...]

The inconvenient truth – some data

Posted by ipwg on 03/11/11

written by Tom Keller, HR Officer of IPWG   I’ve just read Sophie’s article on the economic crisis , protests against different financial instituations and I wanted to add some background information on the topic. “Greed is good.”, said Gordon Gekko (played by Michael Douglas) in the 1987 blockbuster ” The Wall Street”.  24 years [...]

IPWG Newsletter 2.11.2011

Posted by ipwg on 02/11/11

An inconvenient truth? Today, I decided to write about our world. Not our Europe as a Union of countries with different background and political history, stereotypes and different cultures. But about one world with one goal : Peace. The question rising with this little word is, do our politicians share our emotion and desperate need [...]

IPWG Newsletter of 11.10.2011

Posted by ipwg on 11/10/11

BY ARMENAK MINASYANTS (SECRETARY OF THE IPWG, AEGEE-YEREVAN) Dear reader, This time I would try to turn to the Nobel Peace Prize awards and will try to present in details who and why have got that Prize. So wish you an interesting reading. The 2011 Nobel Peace Prize was jointly awarded to three women for [...]

IPWG Newsletter of 26.09.2011

Posted by ipwg on 26/09/11

By Armenak Minasyants (Secretary of the IPWG, AEGEE-Yerevan) Greece crisis: Do we have any solutions? Yes, yes… some of my readers may just read my name and surname, when the subtitle of this article and say in his/her mind; why this Armenian guy who is living far away the Eurozone is so interested and worried [...]

IPWG Newsletter of 9/11/11 (dedicated to the memory of all victims of 9/11)

Posted by ipwg on 12/09/11

By Armenak Minasyants, Secretary of IPWG, AEGEE-Yerevan Another week has passed…and another IPWG Newsletter is coming!!! Firstly thanks to all people who is making comments to my prepared newsletter; really important for me and as well as for the quality of the newsletter. As a result of your comments my dear reader I have understood [...]

IPWG Newsletter of 02.09.2011

Posted by ipwg on 02/09/11

IPWG NEWSLETTER OF 02.09.2011 BY ARMENAK MINASYANTS (SECRETARY OF THE IPWG, AEGEE-YEREVAN) After a short summer rest I and your International Politics Newsletter are again back in action, with new concepts, analysis and information. By the ways since my last publication has passed rather a big period, so in order to fill that informational gap, [...]


Posted by ipwg on 08/08/11

BY ARMENAK MINASYANTS (SECRETARY OF THE IPWG, AEGEE-YEREVAN) As some of our newsletter followers and readers may have already noticed, each time I am trying to bring a lot of detailed information about different processes which are taking place around the world and besides of just bringing to my reader just facts and information I [...]

IPWG Newsflash of 23.07.2011

Posted by ipwg on 23/07/11

IPWG Newsflash of 23.07.2011 By Armenak Minasyants (Secretary of IPWG, AEGEE-Yerevan, Armenia) After a little delay I and our lovely IPWG Newsletter are again back with the new energy, fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Yeah, yeah I truly hope that the most of our readers have already missed our Newsletter; at least on my personal example [...]

IPWG Newsflash of 28.05.2011

Posted by ipwg on 14/06/11

By Armenak Minasyants (AEGEE-Yerevan, Armenia) For this time in the introduction part of the Newslfash, I would do something extraordinary. A lot of people interested with the international politics, as well as I, may have noticed that this year is full of the international political developments and processes. If for my readers and in general [...]

IPWG Newsflash of 10.05.2011

Posted by ipwg on 14/06/11

By Armenak Minasyants (AEGEE-Yerevan, Armenia) Already one month has passed from the moment since I have become the Manager of this newsletter and this is already my fifth newsletter, but it is still very difficult for me to start the new newsflash with new words and phrases. Anyway, I really hope that there are a [...]

IPWG Newsflash of 30.04.2011

Posted by ipwg on 03/05/11

By Armenak Minasyants (AEGEE-Yerevan, Armenia) So, April is almost over and for me and my readers it is real time to summarize the things which have happened during the second month of spring. The last week particularly was full of interesting political and non-political processes, cultural and sport events. So check up our Newsflash and [...]

IPWG Newsflash of 16.04.2011

Posted by ipwg on 17/04/11

By Armenak Minasyants (AEGEE-Yerevan, Armenia) I consider that not only for readers of our newsflash but as well as for everybody who lives on the Earth Planet it has already become obvious that the year 2011 is going to be really full of political processes, international developments, revolutions and etc. I also truly believe that [...]


Posted by ipwg on 11/04/11

by Armenak Minasyants (Yerevan, Armenia) The beginning of April and the political developments of this last ten days could be described as a direct continuation of the processes which we have seen during March. Once more we could notice democratization processes, but in comparison with last 3 months, that processes have enlarged their geography. Firstly, [...]

Newsflash #3: 21 February 2011

Posted by ipwg on 22/02/11

by Neville Bezzina (Malta) February has been primarily characterised by the ongoing ‘people power’ protests that have taken the Arab world by storm, destabilising long-lasting dictatorships in Egypt and Tunisia: revolutions that are taking place right now in Libya, Bahrian, Morocco, Yemen, and others. It’s proven to be a rapid shift in international politics that [...]

Results of the Article Contest

Posted by ipwg on 21/02/11

Dear friends! As you might remember, IPWG just held an Article Contest – “Crisis in Europe: What could European youth do to help its society to solve this problem?”, asking you to you to share with us any idea you might have on how the young people of our continent can take initiatives to overpass [...]

Article Contest: 1st place – A Critical Eye on Europe by Berker Adigüzel (AEGEE-Ankara)

Posted by ipwg on 21/02/11

A Critical Eye on Europe The economical crisis started in the last quarter of 2008 spread to all around the world. While some of the countries have not recovered from the effects, some countries enjoyed the benefits. However, after 2.5 years, still suffering from the effects of the crisis should signal something. The hidden message [...]

IPWG Newsflash #2 (30.01.2011)

Posted by ipwg on 31/01/11

by Neville Bezzina (AEGEE-Valletta) Note: For this second Newsflash issue, we’re grouping the most important links according to the specific geographical region to which the news relates. Comments with feedback (both about content and format) are welcome. Middle East Lebanon: Violent protests continued in certain regions of Lebanon over the recent nomination of Najib Miqati, [...]

Event on privacy in Nijmegen

Posted by ipwg on 21/01/11

IPWG recommends you to attends, please read more below: I do suspect that privacy was a passing fad. – Larry Niven Is it though? Find out At EurPrivacy: internet privacy in a European perspective! EurPrivacy is a two-day symposium on privacy in our digital age. The internet has completely reshaped our lives in many ways. [...]

IPWG Newsflash#1 (16.01.2011)

Posted by ipwg on 17/01/11

compiled by Neville Bezzina {Malta} The first two weeks of the new year were characterised by several major shake-ups on a state level which are sure to affect global and regional relations in the coming months. While the Wikileaks “Cablegate” controversy has spilled over from December 2010, the focus has shifted away from the reverberations [...]

Holiday video from IPWG

Posted by ipwg on 23/12/10

Dear Network! The holidays are indeed fast approaching, and IPWG would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! We trust we are to see some of you next year at our events as participants as well as organizers. We guess that most of you are now busy creating your [...]

Open-call for Newsflash managers from IPWG

Posted by ipwg on 23/12/10

Dear members! As you all know, one of the goals of IPWG is to raise awareness amongst the members about the current affairs in the world. Taking that into consideration and willing to engage you all into more activities we are glad to announce an open-call for weekly Newsflash managers. What is a Weekly Newsflash? [...]

Open call for content developers team for Action Days on EU awareness

Posted by ipwg on 21/12/10

Dear members! As you well know from 7th till 13th February IPWG will be holding Action Days on EU awareness in locals, that are not yet part of the EU. To make this a more enriching experience for the participants we hereby announce an open-call for the content developers team. We are looking for people [...]

Article competition

Posted by ipwg on 21/12/10

Dear network! International Politics Working Group invites you to take part in our Article Contest –  “Crisis in Europe: What could European youth do to help its society to solve this problem?” Although some time has passed already, the crisis in Europe is still serious. Its aftereffect has been spread onto all all areas of [...]

Today we learn how to sell a crisis!

Posted by ipwg on 19/11/10

The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis’. One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger-but recognize the opportunity. John F. Kennedy Despite all the warnings, despite all the analysts that warned and warned, the economic crisis came as a surprise for [...]

First debates of the season – Immigration in Europe!

Posted by ipwg on 14/11/10

Dear members! Thank you, for filling in the poll on our debates project. The results have shown that people mostly tend to prefer Skype, they are mostly willing to participate in debates on Sunday evenings, once a month, as well as do some background reading. The topic, selected by the majority was Immigration in Europe. [...]

Online debates project poll

Posted by ipwg on 06/11/10

Dear members!First of all, thank you for sending your topics for the debates! Some of you may have already participated in IPWG online debates, yet now we are taking the project to a more structured level and to properly shape it out we would like to ask for your ideas.The poll can be found on [...]

Quo vadis EU?

Posted by ipwg on 05/11/10

Watching the news coming from the European Union the last week, we can understand that the Union is not having the best days ever. The financial crisis has brought in the spotlight the issues that are dividing the member states, and not the ones that bring them together. And in that case, the main dispute [...]

News from AGORA-Istanbul

Posted by ipwg on 29/10/10

Daer members! IPWG has already got back from the AGORA and would like to thank once again everyone, who made the organization of it just perfect! Aapart from enjoying the plenary sessions and parties we also held a quest, based on the knoledge of international politics. Thank you everyone, who gave in their answers but [...]

A criminal or a peace-warrior?

Posted by ipwg on 18/10/10

China responded furiously  after the country’s most famous dissident, the imprisoned pro-democracy campaigner Liu Xiaobo, won the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of his long and non-violent struggle for human rights. China described the award to Mr Liu as “an insult”. Mr Liu is serving 11 years in prison for subversion, but the decision cast [...]

Knocking on the heavens door

Posted by ipwg on 13/10/10

A country that painfully reminds us of the divided Germany and the Berlin Wall, Korea, may be on the verge of a new war. The cause of that is the ship “Chenoan”, belonging to the Republic of Korea (the Southern part), that sank on the 27th March 2010. The government of the RK has openly [...]

Meet your current board!

Posted by ipwg on 13/10/10

Dear members! At the Spring AGORA in Leiden a new board was elected, and in order for you to take a closer look at it we posed 6 short questions: What did you do in AEGEE before entering the IPWG board? Why did you decide to apply? Name a song that best describes you What [...]

AEGEE goes beyond Europe

Posted by ipwg on 26/12/09

by Marta Benet Gutierrez For the first time in AEGEE, one of its most important Projects, the Flagship Project for 2010-2011, is literally going “Beyond Europe”. Between 10thand 13th December, the main points of the second pillar of Beyond Europe have been settled, and the “Youth in Action” application granted in the end of September [...]

European Citizenship Training Course 12-18 October – Apply NOW!!!

Posted by ipwg on 09/08/09

AEGEE International Politics Working Group and AEGEE-Thessaloniki are very happy to organize the 3rd edition of European Citizenship Training Course, on 12th-18th of October. After Koln and Prishtina, Thessaloniki will host the important training for the promotion of Active Citizenship! Have you ever wondered….. ~ How people get motivated to become active citizens? ~ [...]

Democracy nowadays

Posted by ipwg on 23/06/09

These first two weeks of June 2009 prompt remarkable reflections on the true meaning of democracy nowadays. 4 June was the date Europeans went to the polls to re-elect the supposedly second biggest democratic Parliament in the world (second only to the Lok Sabha, the Indian Parliament). The turnout was the lowest in history. Europeans [...]

Beyond Europe Topic Proposal – Human Rights

Posted by ipwg on 17/06/09

[Marcin Artur Witkowski, blog moderator]: I have the pleasure to forward for your consideration this entry from our friend and collegue Gabor Horvath. It is unfortunate that our blog application is not able to support this document in its original very elegant word format. Let this nuisance not divert our attention though, from the message [...]

Action 3.2. Youth in the World, application submitted!

Posted by ipwg on 06/06/09

On 1 June, the IPWG board tendered an application under action 3.2 “‘Youth in the world’: Cooperation with countries other than the neighbouring countries of the European Union”. Action 3.2. is a once-a-year opportunity to apply for funding of activities taking place in countries other than the EU and its neighbours. After securing an agreement [...]

An update from your board

Posted by ipwg on 12/05/09

While still waiting for the CD to approve and ratify the results of our working group elections, the IPWG new board has started working. We have met twice, on 23 April and 5 May 2009. Division of roles within the board Apart from the positions already assigned at the IPWG AGORA, Mario (Speaker), Fotis (Secretary), [...]

Beyond Europe – Perspectives for Tomorrow’s World

Posted by ipwg on 14/04/09

We are proud to announce that the name of the new project initiative launched by IPWG is Beyond Europe – Perspective for Tomorrow’s World The new project was initially named “Europe and the World” like the workshop at EBM Torino (12-15 February 2009) meant to develop further the original idea. Following the IPWG Board and [...]

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