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We are proud to announce that the name of the new project initiative launched by IPWG is

Beyond Europe – Perspective for Tomorrow’s World

The new project was initially named “Europe and the World” like the workshop at EBM Torino (12-15 February 2009) meant to develop further the original idea. Following the IPWG Board and Members Meeting of Poznan (6-8 March 2009) we decided to propose our project as the next Flagship Project of AEGEE, and we renamed it “Europe in the World – Facing Global Challenges”. However, we did not take into account the fact that some years ago there was another Flagship Project called “Europe in the World”, reason why we changed our title again. After brainstorming and selecting seven proposals, we asked all workshop attendants to vote for their favourite and this is the result:

Beyond Europe (4)

Beyond Europe – Perspectives for Tomorrow’s World (10)

Today’s challenges – Tomorrow’s World (3)

The World and Europe (0)

Leaders of Tomorrow – Facing Global Challenges (3)

Europe and Beyond – Facing Global Challenges (7)

European Youth – Facing Global Challenges (3)

In a few days, AGORA Magusa will select the new Flagship Project of AEGEE. We keep our fingers crossed!!

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