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While still waiting for the CD to approve and ratify the results of our working group elections, the IPWG new board has started working. We have met twice, on 23 April and 5 May 2009.

Division of roles within the board

Apart from the positions already assigned at the IPWG AGORA, Mario (Speaker), Fotis (Secretary), Christian (Treasurer), during the first meeting we have allocated general board positions as follows: Prisca (Fund Raising Responsible), Julia (Human Resources Responsible), Marta (Public Relations Responsible) and Panos (Projects Responsible).

This year there is no IT Responsible within the board, and, given the need to develop links between IPWG and other activities and projects, a new role, Projects Responsible has been created.

Planned activities

The previous board worked hard and submitted the YiA applications for the following activities

§ 27 September – 3 October Diplomatic Seminar Budapest

§ 4 – 10 October Conflict Handling Training Lublin

§ 12 – 18 October European Citizenship Training Course Thessaloniki

In addition, we are willing to organise the sixth edition of IPWG goes Den Haag

Personal strategy

After the first two weeks of knowledge transfer, we have come up with ideas to improve our performance and implement the decisions taken in Poznan in March. Every board member yesterday presented to all others, hr/his ideas to develop their tasks in the best way. Interesting points were raised,

Board Meeting in Warwick 12-14 June

The board agreed on the date and venue of their first (physical) meeting. It will be in Warwick, UK, from 12 to 14 June 2009.

Beyond Europe, Concept Development Meeting in Brussels 19-21 June

Moreover, a Concept Development Meeting has been called to develop the idea further, it will take place in Brussels from 19 to 21 June 2009. Applications will soon be open for every AEGEE member, for more info write to

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