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On 1 June, the IPWG board tendered an application under action 3.2 “‘Youth in the world’: Cooperation with countries other than the neighbouring countries of the European Union”. Action 3.2. is a once-a-year opportunity to apply for funding of activities taking place in countries other than the EU and its neighbours.
After securing an agreement with partner organisations in India and South Africa, we have designed a one-year project including an opening conference in Brussels, two case study trips, in South Africa and India respectively, and a closing convention in Utrecht. The project is named “UN Millennium Development Goals – A Challenge for Today’s Youth?”
“UN Millennium Development Goals – A Challenge for Today’s Youth?” aims to mobilise young people from Europe, India and South Africa and to raise their awareness of the critical global issues addressed by the UN Millennium Development Goals.
The project explores ways for young people to participate and contribute, through youth structures, active citizenship and democratic processes to the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). It ultimately lays the basis for the creation of a sustainable partnership between young leaders of tomorrow’s world.
The project envisages awareness-raising activities meant to develop an understanding of critical global issues and to introduce best practices of youth contribution to the progress in the achievement of MDGs, and mobilisation activities meant to empower young people with skills and tools to contribute to this progress through study visits, volunteer activities, job-shadowing, and training. These activities will be followed by evaluation sessions to assess current policies and formulate suggestions.
In three months we will know the outcome of this application. We keep our fingers crossed.

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