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AEGEE International Politics Working Group and AEGEE-Thessaloniki are very happy to organize the 3rd edition of European Citizenship Training Course, on 12th-18th of October. After Koln and Prishtina, Thessaloniki will host the important training for the promotion of Active Citizenship!

Have you ever wondered…..

~ How people get motivated to become active citizens?

~ Which tools are used to foster youth participation?

~ How students in other countries act in social life?

Then the European Citizenship Training Course is here for you!

The main aims of this training course are:
to join together 24 youngsters coming from the Balcans and other European countries in order to empower them with competencies on Citizenship, which they can use within their projects and practices
to support their role as multipliers, developing initiatives which will integrate young people from different cultural background in the strengthening of civic society

Most important points of focus will be Democracy, Active Citizenship such as participation in civil society and voluntary work as well as different other forms of activism available to young people to influence the society they live in; Youth Participation, European Integration, Youth Policies and Youth Work are the main parts of the training.

Objectives of the Training:

To provide participants with key concepts for active citizenship and key concept relating to it

– To enable participants to reflect on meaning and understanding of Active European citizenship, Democratic Citizenship, youth participation

To share experiences in relations with youth work among participants coming from different realities and civil societies (SEE and EU)

– To empower participants to use non formal education as a mean of empowering young people

To foster participation of young people in social life (participation in local projects, voluntary service, organizations etc.)

– To provide tools, information, knowledge for participants in order they can act as multipliers in their organization setting up project which foster European Citizenship

So, if you want to be provided with the necessary tools and know-how to foster Active European citizenship, this is the event you need to be attending!

And off course, all the above combined with the wonderful spirit of Thessaloniki, a city with vibrant cultural and artistic identity, multiculturalism and tasty delicacies! The most romantic city of Greece, co capital and host of famous international festivals and conferences, is ready to give us a tour through its incredible nightlife and way of living!!

The event has YiA support and up to 70% of the travel expenses will be covered for participants traveling from: Belgium, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Serbia and Kosovo.

For more information you can send an e-mail to

Apply now!!!!

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