AEGEE International Politics Journal

AEGEE goes beyond Europe

by Marta Benet Gutierrez

For the first time in AEGEE, one of its most important Projects, the Flagship Project for 2010-2011, is literally going “Beyond Europe”. Between 10thand 13th December, the main points of the second pillar of Beyond Europe have been settled, and the “Youth in Action” application granted in the end of September for the initiative Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – A challenge for today’s Youth? has become a reality. The application for this project was submitted on 1st June by the IPWG board to build the bases for the start of the Flagship Project.

Once the Flagship Project Core Team started working, they took the leadership of the project. Together with the partners from India and South Africa and the organising team from AEGEE-Utrecht who will host the final conference in November, we all gathered together in Brussels with the aim of designing the programmes of the two Case Study trips and the closing event, but also to create a great atmosphere and understanding among all parts.

The meeting started on Thursday the 10th with a visit to the European Commission, followed by a presentation of the project in the EurActiv building, where we had the pleasure to share our work with the leaders of other youth organisations and exchange ideas and possibilities for future collaboration in the frame of the project.

The next days were used to discuss the situation of the MDGs in the different partner countries and analyze which can be our contribution in the field work. Followed by intense discussion sessions and exchange of suggestions, we can proudly say that two big events are going to happen in the next months, the case study trips to India in June-July 2010 and to South Africa in September 2010. Besides this, one of the most exciting moments of the meeting was the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding, as a symbol of the commitment of all parts included to implement this project.

Without any doubt, this was a unique experience for all of us. Never before we had an Indian-South African-European night, but most importantly – AEGEE crosses the borders of Europe. The whole core Team of Beyond Europe encourages all IPWG active members to apply for our future events, multiply our results and try to make the change together.

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