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Knocking on the heavens door

A country that painfully reminds us of the divided Germany and the Berlin Wall, Korea, may be on the verge of a new war. The cause of that is the ship “Chenoan”, belonging to the Republic of Korea (the Southern part), that sank on the 27th March 2010. The government of the RK has openly accused their Northern neighbours of sinking their ship using a torpedo. Right after that, an international commission was created to investigate the case, and after a thorough examination it officially declared, that the remains of the torpedo are rather similar to those, used in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. That brought the EU, NATO, the USA, Russia and China into the heated discussion. The position, that the last two countries take is obviously vital for the outcome of the case, as both of them supported North Korea in its war against their neighbor back in 1950. And yet, none of them are eager to stand up for North Korea, if definite proof of its guilt is found.

While the world is waiting for the United Nations’ official meeting, a full diplomatic war has already broken out between the two neighbours. All the transport connection between the countries has been ceased, as well as all the trade activities. The Republic of Korea announced a joint military training with the USA, whilst the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea claimed its army to be ready for military action.

And yet, even though it may sound as if we are to witness a ruthless war, it all proves to be only fiction. For instance, South Korea has forbidden North Korea to use its territorial waters for trade, and yet North Korea practically never even uses them. Also, all the joint economic projects are to be stopped, apart from one, while it is actually the only one that works.

The governments of both countries now have to be extremely inventive, making it look as if they are using drastic measures without actually using them. It is obvious that such a war would be disadvantageous for both sides, considering the economic crisis the whole world is in right now. And of course, even though the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea with its leader has managed to set a very inventive dictatorship in the country, so that people do not seem to mind the food limitations and poverty, no one knows whether they will remain as loyal, once they see the thriving, greatly developed country that is right behind the boarder.

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