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Meet your current board!

Dear members!

At the Spring AGORA in Leiden a new board was elected, and in order for you to take a closer look at it we posed 6 short questions:

  1. What did you do in AEGEE before entering the IPWG board?
  2. Why did you decide to apply?
  3. Name a song that best describes you
  4. What do you remeber from your first European night?
  5. Who are you out of the “Freinds” characters?
  6. Define IPWG in one sentence.

Find the answers below –

Panos Papagiannakos, Speaker

1. 1. I have been president of my local, PR responsible, erasmus students responsible, organizer of 3 SUs so far (and now going for the 4th), trainer in LTCs, local activities etc. Last year I was again a member of IPWG board, so I can add the European Citizenship Training Course!!

2. Because IPWG inspires me and I feel I have many things to offer more to this Working Group!!

3. sooo many!! this period it’s lady gaga’s “telephone”, because I am the whole day talking!!

4. I don’t remember much, I think only the phrase “rakijaaa, more rakijaaa”!! (AEGEE-Novi Sad/Subotica/Szeged TSU 2005!!)

5. I think Chandler!!!

6. A great forum for people who are interested in international politics and wish to express their opinion!

Anastacia Petrushkova, Secretary

1. Well, I have been quite an active member of AEGEE-Sankt-Peterburg since 2006, thus I took part in the organizing events on the different levels as helper, ordinary organizer, Incoming Responsible and main coordinator. And now I’m here. So, we’ll see! 😉

2. Because I’m interested in International Politics and also I study Political Science. And I decided that being more active in IPWG will be interesting and wholesome for me and, hopefully, useful for IPWG.

3. Oh, that’s really difficult to choose! Try to ‘Read my mind’ – by The Killers. 😉

4. Everything! :-p No kidding. That was during SU 2006 in Saint-Petersburg. I joined AEGEE only two weeks ago and everything seemed new and special to me, so I believe that exactly those new impressions protected me from the influence of alcohol. He-he!

5. Hmmm, most probably Chandler… Or maybe Rachel – she’s a girl, after all, and it suits me better! 😀

6. IPWG is a group which unites active aegeeans in their interest for International Politics, desire to discuss complex or even sensitive issues and act in order to bring changes.

Gökhan Güzel, Treasurer

1. I’m member since 2007 and presient of AEGEE-Trabzon since 2008.Last 2 years I haven’t got enough time for european level because of my local position and my university.
In 2008,I participated SU in Brescia and ES1 in Patra.My life was my local.I could only promote new members and organize the worst SU in 2009 but my local is still alive :)Next term I will move another city than another local…

2. I’m a foreign trader and I see there is no problem between countries which has good commercial relationship:)I spent my time for Turkey foreign policy after my 2nd year in economics than it became international politics.I’ve also a lot conspiracy theories about capital and international politics.

3. Where is my mind- Placebo

4. My first European Night was in Brescia. I just remember I cooked a turkish dessert and I was out of my alcohol limit .It was funny but when I woke up,I just felt some pain because of candle drops on my chest and I couldnt find how it was happened yet.

5. Is it a facebook test?:p Of course Rachel…I’m a dreamer

6. The way to peace by dialog

Vera Sokolova, PR Responsible

1. I’ve joined AEGEE-Kyiv in April 2008, and since then have participated in lots of internal and external events, as well as organizing some of them. Have been one of the AGORA-Kyiv Coordinators, managed the Kyiv-Praha exchange etc. Am currently finishing my term as PR in the board of AEGEE-Kyiv.

2. I’m rather passionate about Communications, and constructive political debates. I strongly believe that IPWG gives you a chance to express your ideas and be heard.

3. KT Tunstall Suddenly I see

4. Well, I was leading it at our SU in Kyiv, and was tricked by one of the participants into believing that the host must try all the drinks, so the memories are rather blurry 🙂

5. Rachel, I suppose, also not that organized, a bit egoistic, but generally nice 🙂

6. A platform for constrictive dialogue on political matters.

Petre Flueras, HR Responsible

1. For now, I am the project manager for the Freedom of Press project, content manager in WDEE for the Samara Conference, member in CWG, involved in YnY, HED. I am going to ISWIB in July as well to represent AEGEE. And on local level, I am coordinating the recruitment right now, the WS for Yny, I will run in the summer for president of AEGEE Bucuresti and I am helping with others as well, as much as I can. I am involved in all of the projects on the local level and many on the European level 😛

2. Because I love politics and I believe that this is the best way to shape the future of Europe. And I want to be right in the middle of it and share my experience. I really believe that IPWG is what AEGEE is mostly about.

3. Just Dance – Lady Gaga and/or The death of love – Cradle of Filth

4. Uuuuuu, it was in Krakow and I remember that we couldn’t open our wine bottle and then we drank it ourselves and didn’t have any left for the people that came to our table :))

5. Sorry, but I don’t watch it… 😛 Never liked it very much 😉

6. The birthplace for the future of Europe!

Marta Gutierrez Bene, FR Responsible

  1. Well, before joining this Board, I was already PR in the previous board. And before this, I started in at the local level also as PR in my local Board.
  2. My main field of interest is International Politics and I think AEGEE offers the best frame to develop such topics, create interesting discussions, and make people active in such issues.
  3. I’ll be there for you (but the Reambrandt’s one, not Bon Jovi). Anyway, there are many songs that I love and which identify parts of me and my life J
  4. Hhahah, well, it was during my first event in AEGEE, “IPWG goes den Haag 2008” in Utrecht. Nobody warned me that you cannot taste ALL specialities during the same night…so it was a good instruction for my further AEGEE life J Nevertheless, it was a great night, and I always kept a nice remind of AEGEE Utrecht for giving me this welcome in AEGEE hehehe
  5. Uf, difficult question! I saw it so many times that I could find something in each of them. Maybe I would identify myself with monica, because she always wants everything perfect, and seems to be independent, but at the end she needs to express her feelings also; and with Ross in the idealism and funny interpretation of many situations in life.
  6. The perfect place for people who suffer of curiosity, activeness, interest, thirst of discussion and who aim to make the change.

Samir Maharramov, Projects Responsible

  1. What did you do in AEGEE before entering the IPWG board? – Besides IPWG board I am IT General Board member in PRWG. I participate at the trainings, help the locals with PR guide and strategy, I organized as PR trainer PR Trainings in AEGEE-Baki for fresh members who were interested in PR.
  2. Why did you decide to apply? – I finished the international relations faculty from the university. Since that time I was involved in my office to the international relations responsible jobs. I travel often and participate in a various conferences, events, trainings and as Election Observation Mission team member under the OSCE/ODIHR and CIS mandate observe different elections in different countries. So, I decided to join this board and share my experience and learn new tactics and
  3. Name a song that best describes you. – Sunshine (from the edition Cafe del Mar). I think it’s best describes my activity in my life ))))
  4. What do you remeber from your first European night? 🙂 – It happened in Ankara, Turkey when I couldn’t take anything from Azerbaijan for European night ))) I just show there our flag in a paper variant standing on the table with the barge name AZERBAIJAN. Everybody asked me about drinks and sweets, but I just show our flag 🙂 it was so funny.
  5. Who are you out of the “Freinds” characters? (the American sitcome, just checking :)) If say frankly, I never think about it.
  6. Define IPWG in one sentence. – Holding a policy according to the European policy…
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