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News from AGORA-Istanbul

Daer members!

IPWG has already got back from the AGORA and would like to thank once again everyone, who made the organization of it just perfect!

Aapart from enjoying the plenary sessions and parties we also held a quest, based on the knoledge of international politics. Thank you everyone, who gave in their answers but the winner is….. Julien Penalba from AEGEE-Paris!!!! Unfortunatly, Julien left the AGORA before we were able to hand him the prize, so he’ll get it at the EBM.

Apart from that, the results of host locals for European Citizenship Training Course and the Diplomatic Seminar have been selected to be AEGEE-Valletta and AEGEE-Trabzon. Congratulations, and we hope to give you the dates of the events soon!

That’s it for now,

Stay tunned!

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