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The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis’. One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger-but recognize the opportunity.

John F. Kennedy

Despite all the warnings, despite all the analysts that warned and warned, the economic crisis came as a surprise for many people. In the end, there are still many people today that look at the crisis with skepticism, there are many people who consider it just a smoke curtain. We like looking from afar and thinking that we are the only ones that have all the answers.

But in the long run, this attitude of rejecting reality can prove to be very dangerous. And the consequences are dire, in a world that was caught totally off balance by a crisis announced months before. We were stubborn enough to believe in impossible promises, stubborn enough to believe in the sort of isolation that was typical only to the medieval world. And just because we were stubborn, the shock of discovering the truth was even greater, the understanding that this crisis will not go away or resolve on it’s on was devastating…

Black and white

The problem now changes radically, because as we start to accept the existence of a world crisis, it also becomes the perfect excuse. Business isn’t working, the crisis is to blame, people are not giving enough, who else but the crisis. Everything that has happened badly in the last 2 years was the fault of the economical crisis, which became for many of us the perfect medicine to justify professional incompetence. Starting with business men and finishing with clerks, everybody justifies their personal professional failure using the world situation. We never think that we might have failed because maybe our methods are not the right ones or that maybe we were just not able to raise to a high level of performances. No, it’s definitely the crisis!

Families break apart, people kill themselves, the world is changing in it’s very foundations, and the sole responsible people place the blame on is the financial crisis, which, in our mouths, seems to be an extraterestial phenomenon with which we have nothing to do. We all speak which such respect of the FINANCIAL CRISIS, hoping that maybe if we pay enough respect to it, it will just go away…

Things don’t come to be, people make them. And the financial crisis is an indirect consequence of our own actions, not a „financial demon” which woke up to swallow us just like that. So before we start cursing the gods and the times we leave in, before cursing the bankers and the masons that rule the world J, we’d better start taking our destinies in our hands and start adapting to the financial crisis which will become a normal state in the next years.

New oportunities

Besides the problems the world economy has, this crisis offers us the possibility of a new start for many of the ares that desperately need one. For example, the american car industry will definitely come out of this crisis much stronger, forced to make huge cutbacks and to eficientizize it’s opperations. Yes, for now, the situation looks like a disaster, but the financial crisis pushes us towards a better social organisation and towards the understaning of a very simple word: restraint!

Politicians transform along with the crisis, because they have to do that. They will become more prudent, the money will be invested more carefully, and results will become more then simple accesories. We will discover that the planning will be much more efficient in the future, because nobody will want to take the blame for the big going down…

The people who will refuse to adapt to the new situation will dissapear. The economic crisis will slowly take out of stage the people who don’t belong there. The future is for those who are versatile and well prepared for it.

It is time for us to understand many things. It is time to relax, and to get used to live in a world that will sell and buy crisises… The only thing that will depend on us will be the colour of the rapping…

Author Petre Fluerasu

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