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Dear network!

International Politics Working Group invites you to take part in our Article Contest – “Crisis in Europe: What could European youth do to help its society to solve this problem?”

Although some time has passed already, the crisis in Europe is still serious. Its aftereffect has been spread onto all all areas of our life – not only economic, but also social and even cultural. And it is still causing various problems then and there…

Many of us hoped that EU would really help to solve a number of problems across Europe and the crisis, in particular. Unfortunately, life shows that EU – as a unification model – seems not to be working in its current form. Which is a great disappointment, since EU was kind of a symbol of European stability. And now the lack of consolidation makes us think, that a dream of a unified Europe is becoming more distant since it disappoints the current members and discourages the potential ones.

Anyway, the roots of all the processes that are going in EU – positive or negative – lie in Europe’s life and EU merely reflects them.
So, let’s not focus just on EU – let’s talk about the whole Europe!

We would like you to share with us any idea you might have on how the young people of our continent can take initiatives to overpass the current crisis at the economic, social and cultural level.

Contest requirements:
– you should be a member of AEGEE
– your article should contain 700-1000 words
– the topic should be well developed

Deadline is the 16th January at 23.59 CET!!!

Send your articles to IPWG.BOARD@GMAIL.COM – Please, put „Article contest” as a topic of your message.

Your articles will be evaluated by the board member according to the following criteria:
– Your writing style;
– How well your article fits the topic;
– How clear you express your idea;
– Originality of your ideas;
– Feasibility of suggested actions and projects.

The winner will gain IPWG T-shirt and the winning article will be published on the IPWG blog and on the blog of AEGEE-Europe. 🙂

IPWG is waiting for your articles!!!

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