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Dear members!

As you well know from 7th till 13th February IPWG will be holding Action Days on EU awareness in locals, that are not yet part of the EU. To make this a more enriching experience for the participants we hereby announce an open-call for the content developers team. We are looking for people with a solid knowledge of:

  • the structure of the main EU institutions
  • requirements for joining the EU
  • prospectives for non-EU European counties for joining
  • the economic results the new members have shown since joining
  • the single currency and its effects (both positive and negative)

as well as suggested by you topics in the framework of EU awareness, that shall help the youngsters in the non-EU states get a better vision and make up their own minds as to whether their country is in need of joining the EU.

We are quite sure that you, being part of IPWG, possess all the knowledge needed, as well as some creative ideas thus we would like to encourage you to apply!

To become part of the team, please sent an email to stating you local, brief experience in AEGEE, field of studies (if related) and subtopic of interest.

The deadline is 27th December.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Your IPWG board team

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