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Event on privacy in Nijmegen

IPWG recommends you to attends, please read more below:

I do suspect that privacy was a passing fad.
Larry Niven

Is it though? Find out At EurPrivacy: internet privacy in a European perspective! EurPrivacy is a two-day symposium on privacy in our digital age. The internet has completely reshaped our lives in many ways. How much privacy can we expect in a world with Facebook, Youtube and Twitter? Should we expect any? Are our old notions of privacy outdated in a globalised world?

In two days a group of internationally renowned speakers will give lectures on a wide variety of subjects; from the impact of technology on our culture, to the rise of the Swedish Pirate Party, to the ethics of privacy protection and of course much, much more.

After the symposium you are all invited to the masked ball on 24th of March, in honour of AEGEE-Nijmegen’s 25th birthday! There will also be a social programme on Friday, so you will have time enough to explore our beautiful city.

The rundown:

What: EurPrivacy, interdisciplinary symposium on privacy.

When: 23-24 March 2011 (Lodging available 22-25)

Where: Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Who: Open to all

Damage: €50 (includes all meals, coffee/tea, lodging, party, social programme on the 25th)


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