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IPWG Newsletter of 26.09.2011

By Armenak Minasyants (Secretary of the IPWG, AEGEE-Yerevan) Greece crisis: Do we have any solutions? Yes, yes… some of my readers may just read my name and surname, when the subtitle of this article and say in his/her mind; why this Armenian guy who is living far away the Eurozone is so interested and worried… » read more

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IPWG Newsletter of 02.09.2011

IPWG NEWSLETTER OF 02.09.2011 BY ARMENAK MINASYANTS (SECRETARY OF THE IPWG, AEGEE-YEREVAN) After a short summer rest I and your International Politics Newsletter are again back in action, with new concepts, analysis and information. By the ways since my last publication has passed rather a big period, so in order to fill that informational gap,… » read more

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