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At last 2011 is coming to its logical end; it is already 29th of December…really a very interesting, unique and super full year. Too many things have happened, too many things have been changed, too many people have suffered from many things and too many things just to say to all our readers.

I really feel that this newsletter would not be enough for me to express all my feelings and positions towards many things which have taken place this year.


So, now already let’s get back to business. Today I am going to present to you Top 5 international political events according to IPWG and also according to the feedback that we have got while highlighting that events.

5th Place

The Newest Member of the International Community

On 9 July 2011 it was Independence Day in South Sudan and citizens of the world’s newest nation took to the streets to celebrate.

Having voted to breakaway in a referendum, their dreams became reality at the stroke of midnight as Africa’s largest country split in two. While Khartoum was the first capital to recognize the independence of the south, border issues and other unresolved disputes with the north remain. Decades of north-south civil war were triggered by differences over ideology, religion, ethnicity and oil. It ended with a peace deal in 2005 but an estimated two million people, most of them southerners, died in the fighting. As those they have left behind look to the future, international concerns remain about stability. And, on the eve of secession, the UN Security Council voted to establish a new peacekeeping force for the oil-producing but underdeveloped south.

So, on the behalf of IPWG, I congratulate the newest nation in the world and wish them to establish democratic, good governance based on the rule of law and respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms.



4th Place

Capture of the Terrorist No. 1 and 9/11 In Our Hearts

Perhaps for a lot of people around the world the most significant event was the locating and death of Osama Bin Laden. Ten years, it took – and today the Taleban are fond of saying that ‘the West have the watches but we have the time’.

However, USA and particularly CIA showed real staying power, and the operation itself showed that the US have the guts and capability to get their man. It puts others of Bin Laden’s inclination on notice, and it demonstrates that the bloody misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan have by no means paralysed the US administration.

It was also a decade ago that 19 terrorists took control of four planes, flew two into the twin towers of the World Trade Center, hit the Pentagon with a third and crashed the fourth in a field in Pennsylvania after passengers resisted and made it impossible for the terrorists to complete their malevolent mission. In a matter of hours, more than 3,000 innocent people, mostly Americans, but also people from 115 other countries, had their lives suddenly and violently taken from them.

September 11, 2001, was a terrible tragedy by any measure, but it was not a historical turning point. It did not herald a new era of international relations in which terrorists with a global agenda prevailed, or in which such spectacular terrorist attacks became commonplace. On the contrary, 9/11 has not been replicated. Despite the attention devoted to the “Global War on Terrorism,” the most important developments of the last ten years have been the introduction and spread of innovative information technologies, globalization, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the political upheavals in the Middle East.


3rd Place

National Tragedy in Norway

A news headline which I really think has shocked everybody….What has happened in so peaceful and prosperous Norway???

At least 80 people died when a gunman opened fire at an island youth camp in Norway, hours after a bomb attack on the capital, Oslo, police say. Police captured a 32-year-old Norwegian man. The man was arrested on tiny Utoeya island outside Oslo, where he opened fire on teenagers. The Oslo bombing killed at least seven. The attacks were “like a nightmare” for Norway.

As you may know Norway has had problems with neo-Nazi groups in the past but the assumption was that such groups had been largely eliminated and did not pose a significant threat. This tragedy was important from the political viewpoint as it cleared demonstrated that even in the very peaceful and prosperous Norway there are big domestic problems such as nationalism and religious intolerance; things which once may explode again and not only in Norway


And again our prayers with the souls of the victims of this horrible tragedy…

2nd Place

Greece Financial Crisis and its impact on Eurozone

Greece’s financial woes is being felt ever more keenly in European financial markets as fears grow that some kind of debt default may be inevitable. Experts say a default could have a dire impact on other weak economies in the 17-nation Eurozone and fuel doubts about the single currency’s viability. The Greek crisis raises big questions about the euro. Above all, can you have monetary union without full-scale co-ordination of economic policy?

I clearly remember the 3rd of November, in Cannes, when the Greek Prime Minister tried to call a referendum and in return Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy offered to throw Greece out of the Eurozone. The funny picture in your right clearly shows the present situation in Eurozone.

The massive debts of the Eurozone countries, fuelled by huge unsustained borrowing in the last years which cannot ever be repaid, inertia in the financial markets and European banks over-exposed to debt, has resulted in stagnation of whole Eurozone.


1st Place

The Arab Spring

Dadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa daaaadaaaaaam :DDD the time has come….and the winner isssssss – surely the Arab Spring.

All year long the political and also military developments taking place in the Arabic world were on the spotlight of all international media. We have also tried to highlight them as much as it was possible and presented several analytical reports and articles on it.

Just to be short the most significant event of 2011 was the death of Mohamed Al Bouazizi…I know that most of you even do not know who was that 26 years old Tunisian guy who was a fruit seller and was killed on 4th of January 2011, but I guess most of you even better than I know what consequences did his death had on the international politics of 2011 The young fruit seller set himself on fire on December 17th 2010, in protest at the confiscation of his wares and harassment by a corrupt and cruel police force in the small central Tunisian town of Sidi Bouzid. His death sparked a series of violent demonstrations across the country which ousted long-time President Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali.

This is turn led to the series of protest movements we have now come to know as the Arab Spring, which include violent revolution and inelegant regime change in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, concerted and plucky uprisings in Yemen, Bahrain and Syria and persistent unrest across much of the Maghreb and the Arab Middle East. Such charismatic and strong leaders as Colonial Gaddafi, Hosni Mubarak and Saleh left their position which they were holding for many decades. However, on the political principle of unintended consequences, it might lead to the establishment of Islamic fundamentalism and sharia law across the whole of North Africa. Either way, the significance of the Arab Spring is still questioned.


For me personally the most important thing was that the world’s population has reached 7 billion!!! Could you imagine that…I am really thinking that someday there would be no place on the world to live…

So, I wish you all of you Happy New Year, which would be full of many interesting and non-political events and let it be a year of new achievements and glories.. J




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