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Just before the end of the Republican Party presidential primaries campaign the local members of the International Politics Working Group organised a workshop and series of lectures on political marketing in the United States and about the tools of the different candidates.

The event was organised in the framework of the Social Sciences Day of the Corvinus University, so not only AEGEE became widely visible trough this event, but also IPWG.

Marketing designed to influence consumers about political issues, particular candidates for public office, or public issues. Although political marketing uses many of the same techniques that other forms of marketing do, it is actually used to promote a concept or an idea, rather than a specific product or service, and to motivate people to vote for that idea. The speakers, Beáta Matuszka, HR officer of the IPWG and Béla Fábian, former leader of IPWG-Budapest and secretary of AEGEE-Budapest showed many exemples for viral and gerilla tools, videos.

A main part of the event was also the introduction of the Republican candidates and as a closing moment, the participants answered a test with wide range of questions in connection with US politics.

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