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The topic was inspired by the elections in Russia and more specifically by President Putin’s election campaign.

For those who didn’t come across one of them, they are centered on women and their beauty.

Of course sex sells and we’ve known that for years! There is actually a very successful business which was based on this fact – the show business!-

If we ever dared to think that this was kept as a secret from the Russian politicians…please, think again!

Mr. Putin knows the message for too long and uses every mean he has got to draw attention, and through the shocking diode, promote his name!

If anyone knows the “communication games” are certainly his people. There are two ways to develop and see this subject; the funny way and the serious/ responsible way. On a story like this, you can’t have one without having the other…

The serious approach of this would be some first, rather impulsive questions, such as:

What politicians will promote on us now, as the right way to be, the amazing new status quo, in order to “show” the hyper, open minded believes?

Is a sexist world we choose to bring into and raise our children?

As if Russia isn’t facing already numerous problems, Putin had to push things more, for promoting his candidacy. Anything for a warm presidential chair and all the benefits that come along with it…

But is this really politics ~ or at least politics to which we have been used to~ ? Or maybe it is a fitly brothel, covered with proper curtains over huge windows, big doors and expensive carpets?

Men, politics and beautiful women are not something new that our world is witnessing and facing now for the first time!

Illustrative example is Marilyn Monroe with J.F. Kennedy.

But there are more to recall!

  • Fidel Castro
  • Francois Mitterrand
  • Andreas Papandreou (For the Greeks to remember)
  • Bill Clinton
  • Mao Tse-Tung
  • Berlusconi
  • Dominique Strauss Kahn
  • Many other politicians on a topical level, who, luckily for them, BBC or any other international channel, wasn’t there to cover the hot news!

What one can guess from a rather big list is that power, excessive money and the opposite sex can easily intrigue and rouse a male brain…

But most of them wouldn’t be so much of “circus” situations, if they at least are doing their job right!


Few months ago, thousands of Italians celebrated, on the streets the resignation of cavaliere. Surprisingly, the reason of his resignation was not the scandals and his famous “bunga-bunga”, but the fact that the markets in Italy are going slow…

So, was he doing his job right??

Conclusions are up to you! We have to admit though, that he offered many funny and entertaining moments to Europe…

Dominique Strauss Kahn lost his candidature for IMF and French elections after accusations of raping a chambermaid in New York. We suffered months with his silence, conspiracy theories and breaking news from his court, past sex life, ideology on female sex. Of course his “noisy” past, could support any sex-theory…so, “guilty as charged”.

Today’s president of IMF is a woman. So whatever he ever thought, life got him at the back!

Famous case, Mr. Clinton was refusing any association with the Lewinsky case and the oval office. We were witnessing his walks on the park with his lovely wife, the cute dog and the cute daughter! That could all work in another century, where DNA tests wouldn’t exist. Unluckily for him, the Lewinsky case was bigger that he could ever imagine and Lewinsky herself much smarter that what he could ever believe.

Today he lives somewhere in obscurity, ashamed and powerless, probably even cooking for his busy wife while she candidates for Presidency.

I am sure we all remember something funny in each one of the above cases of men…

What these men had in common was the minor memory that what goes up, must go down. What is been loved by the people today, can easily be forgotten tomorrow.

Yet people’s short memory, fanaticism or their need for a strong, an independent leader , didn’t help them much either…

Is like one can get to see the same story re written from different authors, with different illustration and on different words.

But still remains the same story…

So the stories of these men maybe crazy, or stupid, or even romantic, yet my personal questions as a person living in the 20s are:

Where do we stand when countries as Ukraine suffers from sexism and high prostitution, where women on the streets protest against their treatment as objects.

Young teenagers in Italy start thinking that, cheap prostitution is the only way to be rich and famous.

And finally even worst, where do we stand when our politicians are not only corrupting money, markets, jobs, allowances but under 18 year old girls or whole countries…???

Just a simple question…


Written by Sophie Zafeiri,

PR Responsible of IPWG


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