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Written by Saurav Raj Pant

These summer days are really becoming ‘Snowden Days’. Is Snowden’s affair overshadowing the Syrian bloodshed or other global breaking? I may sound too irrational to cite this comparison. But, the matters on eavesdropping their citizen’s phone and emails irritated the credibility of the country where lovely democratic values are observed. What will be the conclusion of the Snowden’s story? We will probably never know. But it is shocking to see the anti-US group’s testimonial on possibility of allowing political lifeline to Snowden on what they called the Snowden as a “fighter against the empire”.

The debate is uninterruptedly on the move in the US about the legitimacy of the leakage of the NSA testimony. What is the bottom line of the changed stance of Moscow? It is fundamental measurement to monitor; Moscow’s previous standpoint showed in the G-8 summits in the Northern Ireland was truly defensive against US on Snowden’s case. But Putin’s previous statement allowed Snowden sometime to find asylum. Instantly, it is likely to have some sorts of ‘diplomatic transaction’ within these two giants who broke his previous position. May be Russians are suffering from huge pressure to invite Obama anyway for the fruitful outcomes of the upcoming G-20 conference in St. Petersburg. Otherwise, as the host nation for the upcoming G-20 conference, it might result to the loss of Russian diplomacy in the world.

How is he being treated in Moscow after his asylum file being fired up? For many of them who believes in the multi-polar world likely to mull over him as the ‘ Young freedom fighter’ of the 21st Century. Or those who believe in Uni-polar world he possibly could be the ‘double agent’ for leaking the classified information against the US Judicial rule.

Is it the new emergence of cold war after Snowden’s leaks? It is coherent to understand that there has been serious slip on justifying the radicalism through global surveillance and shielding the civil privacy. It is constantly pertinent matter to cite, that you were tapped while having phone calls with your partners and your secrecy being leaked up from the ‘back door’. This makes you feel even appallingly about the bulk quantities of data’s were consumed by the big brothers via your trusted Internet giants. Talking about Post 9/11 world, has our life has become too fearful? And future seems to have become quandary. The psychic horror of truth has made the US politics too dizzy. Several operations were targeted for war against the Terrorism without any serious notions. There has to be serious measure of policy in this issue. Fundamentally, in the age of this information Technology; what will be the avenue of the consumed data’s and its clear policy intervention? Since, there is the urgent need of coloration of the roadmap of data privacy in between users and source which will prevent further from such nasty incident.

The legal basis of monitoring of the data is still unclear. And it is complex to understand. The online data floating around worldwide go beyond the laws of specific countries. The country with powerful techno mechanisms could probably mine data from the host server making them insubstantial. In return, it will raise too many questions on mishandling of cross-country intelligence report, suspicious elements in the bilateral cooperation, plunging universally accepted democratic values and possibility of cyber war.

On what avenues that those mined data’s be position in future? Is it worth asking the question, will this scrutiny draw midpoint among the power blocs of the world? Sentiments of US antagonism among the leftist Latin American capitals like Caracas, La Pazand Managua are growing rapidly on the spying issues. This has even made the political situation truly molten.

Venezuelan proposal on offering him as the political shelter aka asylum is passing from many blockages. The possible commercial air route is through Cuba which is under the radar of US and her European Allies (NATO Airspace).Secondary Pacific route could be expensive and may not be feasible. This perilous situation has help the US void passport holder Edward Snowden to be delayed without any conclusive status. The man who is marooned inside the Moscow Airport is expecting some fresh political breathing. But Moscow seems truly against him and did not want any kinds of hoopla about this matter. Rather Kremlin is worried of continuous damage of Russia-US relationship due to Snowden’ story. And they want him to leave the transit area of the Moscow Airport as soon as possible to avoid any kinds of confusion from the US officials. Fanatically, Venezuelan President Maduro proposal on offering the Snowden as political lifeline has carried him in the global limelight. Actually, he is following the path of his predecessor Chavez, who had always counter theory with Washington in his period.

What I understand is that the climax of the story is still to be observed. If Snowden anyway accepts the Venezuelan proposal, Washington really appears to play neck-neck game with Carcass including some major embargo on Airspace and gasoline. How will Washington-Caracas adjust their alterations? Just wait and watch.


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  1. “If Snowden anyway accepts the Venezuelan proposal,[…]”

    — He cannot, the only flight routes to Venezuela via EU (where he would be trapped) or the other way via pacific (too long, he could be trapped either) are too risky, if they are an option at all, as you wrote. Let’s see how far his application for asylum can reach…

    Concerning his role in the society – whether he is a hero or a deceiver – I highly sympathise with such people since they set limits to actions politicians dare to go or at least give a huge impact on discussed issues such as data privacy and are therefore enhancing enlightenment.
    However, the comparison with Robin Hood is not the right one since Mr. Snowden doesn’t give anything to the poor/betrayed but the knowledge from which we have to draw our next actions ourselves – he didn’t make us presentees of a stolen treasure, he made us confidants who ourselves have to take action on order to get the “treasure”.

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