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Social Media and TV channels have truly changed the entire political landscape of Indian Politics in recent days. It is now palpable truth to observe that no one can survive arrogantly if his/her legitimacy and efficiency degrade against public will. Latest Delhi Election could be the best example which has put on the limelight, those three major agenda, Good Governance, Corruption free India and Employment creation.

Literally, Kejriwal victory denotes utmost public dissatisfaction, young leadership in the central level and day-day burning issues of tens of thousands of have-not Indian people. Aam Admi Party (AAP) lead by Arbind Kejriwal has got roaring strategy for race to Lok Sabha and mainly focusing on ‘swing ‘ states to get clear majority or trying to emerge for third largest party. The states such as Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Gujarat, Bihar, Haryana, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan comprise 250 seats out of 545 seats in Lok Sabha. UPA (United Progressive Alliance) and NDA (National Democratic Alliance) are busy in throwing ‘tantrums’ to each other and individually setting ‘benchmark’ for their glamorized leaders, Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi respectively. Basically, these two men after December 8, 2013 ‘swept’ away with the thunder of ‘Aam Admi'(Common People) which bypass the long list of political ideology and prioritized the daily basic needs of ‘Aam'(Common) to the attention. May be ‘Gujarat god’ and alleged perpetrator of 2002 Gujarat violence may face difficult time due to rapidly changing political equation from Delhi to Patna when Patna CM, Nitish Kumar and leader of Janta Dal (United) took off his support due to recommendation of Modi for PM candidacy. The seat required to form government is 272 and till date no’ ace’ party seems to be efficient to grab 180 seats for forming majority government.

Open possibility for Kejriwal to enter in the race for India’s PM possibly could be ‘headache’ for old political player in the Indian political industry. With his mind blowing entry in to central level politics, no one can avoid his promising influence in upcoming Lok Sabha ‘competition’. According to the poll conducted by the Times of India on Twitter, Kejriwal is leading ahead with 424 points followed by Modi with 218 points and Rahul with 157 points. This poll was based on the index of consciousness; reach to general public, fame and positive factors. Rahul Gandhi who is now tries to be ‘cultivated’ by Congress for future Indian Prime Minster lack’s significant charisma that every Indians desire. Even, admired by the PM Manohan Singh to revitalize his attitude to media, Rahul is still like a toddler one. Today, Congress lacks visionary leader that could forward ‘legitimacy’ of Congress established by this Sikh Man (Manmohan Singh) and ‘Gandhi Family’ Narendra Modi with his alleged ‘ contaminated’ political files and degrading his alliance support could be game changer in future. To the most of the political gurus residing in India, Modi has ‘washed’ their brains with good favors from Civil Society. Even, a Westernized force has supported Modi as a possible Indian Prime Minister in future because of Modi’s liberal attitude in granting the favorable policy to usher assumed ‘western influence’ in state of Gujarat in the form of investment.

But, Kejriwal grand admission in the Indian politics is now becoming ‘shaker and mover’ dynamite in the world’s biggest democratic country.

From: Saurav (IPWG)

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